Seya Professional 3 in 1 Rolling Makeup Case (Black Gator)

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This ultra-cool makeup case is a sleek, cutting edge containment device that is perfect for storing all of the little things that a serious professional make-up artist needs to be able to do the best possible job at all times. The black gator texture perfectly accents the silver metal frame, but of course there is more to this cosmetic case than its excellent good looks. This is a highly versatile and useful make-up case that will serve you very well in your make-up related endeavors. When unified, this is a large and impressive case. Divided, it becomes three cases, although they are no less impressive in that form. The top two tiers each feature fold-out trays and a center tray; these are perfect for your larger files, brushes and spray bottles. The bottom tier opens at the front to reveal three large compartments at the top, seven drawers that are ideal for organizing your smaller items, such as nail polish, lipstick and mascara. In addition there is a plastic zip-pouch for storing other miscellaneous loose items. Of course, this cosmetic case is so versatile, it isnt just perfect for the professional make-up artist. Anyone who has a job involving the transport of a lot of small items, such as an art teacher, jewelry salesperson or even a fashionable computer technician. If you need to take a lot of small things around with you all day and need a great-looking and sturdy, versatile case for the job, this case is more than up to the task.Multi-purpose, black gator rolling makeup case

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